In a year like no other, the overall experience of being a student in Leicester has been dramatically different. As we head towards the festive season, it’s not without extra care and attention being vital for each and every one of us, in order to protect our friends, colleagues and loved ones at home. 

In the first two weeks of December, both the Leicester universities have rolled out rapid COVID-19 testing, which has allowed students and their families to be reassured they’re not bringing the virus back home, as many look forward to a much needed rest over the Christmas break. 

A student safe travel window was created by the UK Government between December 3rd and 9th to allow students to safely return to their hometown, once they had tested negative for COVID19, in order to allow them to enjoy the time with family and friends. 


Stay safe

The importance of being safe this year has taken on an additional meaning. Not only have students had to pay the usual extra care and consideration surrounding personal safety, but the COVID19 safety measures have remained firmly in place and will continue into the new year as the country fights to see the back of this global pandemic. 

Safety measures recommended for both University of Leicester and De Montfort University students include the following:

  • Keeping a safe distance from others
  • Regular hand washing with soap and hot running water
  • Using hand sanitisers 
  • Wearing face coverings when expected and able to do so
  • Using a tissue when coughing or sneezing
  • Self isolating and getting tested when symptoms of COVID-19 are present

When students return in the New Year, this return will be staggered over a few weeks to minimise the risk of transmission. 

Students will also be offered testing on return to university. Any who have spent the winter break in a Tier 3 area will need to take a test in their hometown, before their return.  

For the most up to date information, you can view the De Montfort University and University of Leicester websites for details on the students’ return to the Leicester universities after the Christmas break.


Enjoy yourself 

While it’s very important to continue to put safety measures in place over the Christmas period, it’s also important that students get the break they deserve – a restful and happy time to recharge and relax, ready for the new year ahead. Having an enjoyable break can do wonders for mental health, at a time when we have all felt isolated from those around us. So now’s the chance to make sure you have plenty of fun and enjoyment!

At Westmanor Student Living, we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and we hope you’re looking forward to your accommodation next year. 

If you are thinking of finding new accommodation for the second term, we can help you view a wide range of Leicester student properties in a safe and suitable way. Over the festive period, why not take the opportunity to have a look at our website and discover the amazing accommodation that is available to view? 

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