So, you’ve bagged a place at university and can’t wait to dive in and get involved. But, if it’s your first time as an undergraduate, you might be wondering what you’ll need to take with you as you venture into the unknown. We’ve put together a first-year university checklist to help you along.

Keep it simple

To start with, it’s worth saying that there’s a whole ton of stuff you could take with you that you won’t need, so do try and keep it simple. Travel light. After all, it’s likely to be just the one room you have to get all your stuff into, so don’t have your new home bursting at the seams.

Try to stick to just the one suitcase of clothes, bedding and towels as well as a handful of other personal bits and pieces, such as family photos and posters, along with only the toiletries you’ll use.

Also, don’t feel like you have to pay the earth for new stuff. Supermarkets and shops like Argos, for example, are excellent places to find cheaper good quality things you’ll need in the first year at university, such as pillows, duvet, electrical items and toiletries.

And talking of electrical items – check what is already provided in your Leicester Student Accommodation before you waste money on providing yourself with something that you just won’t need.

Things to bring

So, you’ve got your 2018-2019 accommodation booked, but what are the first year university must-haves? Obviously, everyone is different and of course everyone has different likes, dislikes, essentials and non-essentials, but there are a few basic items that apply to everyone…

Clothes – remember clothing for different occasions (eg lectures, lounging, nights out etc), warm clothes for as the weather gets colder, nightwear, different types of shoes and plenty of pairs of socks and underwear.

Furniture for your room – after you’ve checked what is already provided, consider a laundry basket, desk lamp, alarm clock and an airer for drying clothes (if there’s no tumble dryer).

Work stuff – as well as your computer or laptop, also give thought to stationery, such as pens, scissors, sellotape, blu-tack, paper, post-its, highlighters, jotter pads, folders, plastic wallets, diary and USB – the list goes on!

Important documents – it’s always a good idea to have the following with you when you head off to university for the first time:

  • Passport
  • Passport photos
  • Bank cards
  • Driving Licence
  • National Insurance number
  • Any documents regarding your accommodation and university place offer

Other stuff – you know, the sort of things you can’t live without – mobile phone, phone charger, a way to play your favourite tunes, headphones, speakers, batteries, adapters/ extension leads etc.

Things not to bring

Finally, there are definitely a few things you won’t need, some of which we have already covered. So, in the process of paring things down, consider what you won’t need as well as what you will.

This includes equipment that is already provided in your accommodation, so do some checks with your student accommodation provider before you pack.

And don’t bother with any kitchen appliances you won’t use, such as a bread maker, pasta maker or anything else along those lines. Leave the fancy kitchen equipment at home and just stick to the essentials.

And candles – a total fire hazard and a headache which you really don’t need.

Hopefully, you’ve found this list useful! Remember – finding Leicester student accommodation for year two is just around the corner and the best places get snapped up quick.

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