Coronavirus (Covid 19)

As you are all aware, the Country is dealing with a serious pandemic. In light of queries and questions from our tenants, please see below a list of our frequently asked questions in regards to rent and belongings along with the answers.

We understand that this is a very uncertain and difficult time for you, as it is for everybody, and we are doing our best to get you all the answers that you need.

Q. Are your Westmanor offices still open?

A. For now both our Grange Lane Office and our London Road office remain open for emergency issues. However, we ask that tenants only visit the offices if they absolutely have to.


Q. Why do I still have to pay my rent for the rest of my tenancy even though Universities have closed and some letting agencies have said that tenants do not need to pay this?

A. We are aware that the University has wavered the third instalment of rent in their accommodations. However, this is not our decision to make to follow suit and this falls upon the Landlord who have stated that rent is still payable as student loans are still being paid out. We are a private agency and therefore have to operate differently and go on the instruction of our Landlords. As it stands, your rent is still payable until the end of your tenancy as per the Landlords instruction. If the situation changes in regards to this, then we will of course let you know. But we are doing what the Landlord is asking us to do and following Government Guidelines


Q. I have already moved out my accommodation and I have returned home. What do I do about my keys?

A. We ask that you send all keys back to us recorded delivery to ensure that we get them back to us safely and securely. We will need you to put a letter/note inside the parcel with your full name, property address and flat/room number so we know who the keys have been returned by.

Q. I have already left my flat and I do not think that given the circumstances I can come back to clean the property and move out my belongings before the tenancy end date. Will I be charged for this at the end of my tenancy and what will happen to my belongings?

A. If you have already moved out of your accommodation and still have personal belongings in your flat then please contact us for useful information on storage/shipping companies. 

Q. Can I extend my tenancy agreement as I am currently still in my flat as I cannot return home? (this also applies if you do not have accommodation booked with us for the next academic year)

A. If you would like to extend your tenancy agreement you will need to email us to request this. We will try our upmost to help you in this situation and we will request from the Landlord whether this will be possible. However, this is at the Landlords discretion as we are following instructions from them during this time. Any carry forward tenants staying in their current flat for the next academic year have the option of living in their flat over the summer period – if this is what you would like to do, please do email us and let us know.

Q. I am worried about my tenancy agreement for the next academic year. What if the pandemic goes on longer than 1st July – am I still liable for the rent from this date? What do I do about moving in my belongings?

A. Both De Montfort University and The University of Leicester have announced that they will be opening combining both face to face classes and online lectures for the first semester. Therefore tenancies an go ahead as normal.