Looking for / reserving a property

Q. How do I arrange a viewing?

You can arrange a viewing by either contacting us using the details on the “Contact Us” pages above or by sending an enquiry through the property page.

Q. How do I reserve a property?

To reserve a property, first contact us to see if your chosen property is still available. You will then be required to complete a reservation form and pay at least £100 of the deposit.

Q. What is a UK guarantor?

A UK guarantor is a resident in the UK that would sign a form stating that they would pay the rent if you cannot make payment or fall behind with payments for any reason. (This cannot be another student)

Q. Are there any extra costs?

We do not charge any upfront agency fees however there is a one off charge of £30 (inclusive VAT) if you choose to pay your rent by Direct Debit. There is also a small fee of £18 (inclusive VAT) that is deducted from your damage deposit, this is for carrying out your end of tenancy inspection.

Q. What if my plans change and I am unable to take the property?

If you decide not to take the property and have not yet signed a tenancy agreement then you would just lose £100 of the reservation fee that you have already paid. If you have signed a tenancy agreement then you would have to find a suitable replacement for your flat/room and you would be responsible for any rent payments until a replacement is found. Once a replacement has been found, you will have your deposit refunded minus a £25 administration fee.

Q. How long is my tenancy agreement?

This depends on the property that you have taken. Most of our tenancies start on 1st July until the following June but with only 48 paying weeks as your rent is discounted by 50% for the summer for non-occupancy.

Q. Can I put my belongings in the property over the summer?

Most of our tenancy agreements start on 1st July with an eight week half rent period and therefore you are welcome to store belongings in there during this period. However some properties have a different tenancy length and please therefore ask a member of our team for more details.