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Things To Do In Leicester For Students – The Definitive Guide

By Westmanor Student Living on 30th September 2018

If you’re starting university this year and it’s at De Montfort University or Leicester University, then there are some amazing things to do in Leicester for students that you definitely should not miss out on. In addition to helping you find the right student accommodation, check out our definitive guide on things to do in Leicester for students and start looking forward to having some fun! Introduction to Leicester Leicester has been a fantastic university city for around 100 years. Not only are the universities up there with some of the best, thanks to many of the excellent courses, but it’s also a city which has some brilliant things for students to do. In no small part, the awesome nightlife is a factor in enabling our city to be one of the best for students. Leicester has a vast ranges of pubs, clubs and restaurants to choose from, from the more laid back, to the super classy and cosmopolitan. For fans of arts and culture, there are some amazing theatres, art galleries, cinema experiences and festivals going on. Then, for anyone who likes the great outdoors, there’s the masses of green spaces to enjoy, such as Victoria Park, Western Park, Abbey Park and Bradgate Park. In recent years, some fantastic student accommodation has popped up around the city, offering everything that you could possibly want in a place to live as a university student and it’s all of these things combined which make Leicester a great place to be. Places to eat and drink So, earlier, we touched on the masses of pubs, clubs and restaurants that there are in and around the city, many of which are perfect for Leicester students. When it comes to food and you’re feeling hungry, fancy a drink and are wondering which place to try first, don’t just go for the easy options, such as the nearest Maccy D’s, if you’re on the hunt for things to do in Leicester, check out these little gems for starters: ONGGI When you walk past this Korean cafe-style restaurant, you might be forgiven for not noticing its existence. Situated not far from both universities on Welford...

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12 Studious Facts About Universities in Leicester

By Westmanor Student Living on 31st August 2018

Thinking about studying in Leicester? Take a look at our infographic below! Find out where the two universities rank in the national standings, which famous celebrities studied in Leicester and the average annual cost of student accommodation. (We have also included a code snippet for convenient embedding onto your own blog or...

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Summer Ideas For Students

By Westmanor Student Living on 31st July 2018

The deliciously warm summer months are still stretching out ahead of us, but if you’re starting to wonder if there’s anything you can do to have some fun and be prepared for the next academic year, then check out these summer ideas for students to give you a hand. Remember that the long summer holiday is a great chance to recharge your batteries after a long period of study, so first and foremost, make the most of the time to enjoy yourself, get plenty of rest in, see and do some awesome things and have some fun. Like the Scouts say – Be Prepared! In order to make the most of it and not have any wasted weeks, why not define how you want to spend your time? Preparation is key to this, so have a good, long hard look at all the stuff that’s going on over the next couple of months. Some great stuff to do includes the following ten things: Festivals – so many to choose from! See the world with a backpack Go on holiday Up your fitness levels Take a road trip – beach day anyone? Camp America – an awesome experience for students Visit UK cities you’ve never seen before Volunteer for something really rewarding Spend time with loved ones and people you’ve not seen in ages Learn to do something cool, like juggling, bungee jumping or street dancing How about making a bucket list of all the things you want to do, just so you can really feel you’ve made the most of such a fabulous time to chill out and have some fun? Whatever your personality is like (or your bank balance) there are always plenty of things going on that will suit you down to the ground. You just gotta look. Looking ahead to the months after If you’re heading back to one of the Leicester universities in September/October, there are also a few things that you can do to be prepared and ensure you’re more than ready for what lies ahead. Four of the most useful things to do before you start back at university are these: Ensure you...

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What you need to know about student accommodation

By Westmanor Student Living on 30th June 2018

When the A-Level results come out later this summer, it means a whole new group of students will be heading off to university for the first time. If you’ve bagged the results you need, then it’s time to get excited and plan ahead, so what next? A major part of going to university is to work out where you’re going to live, so, before you start, here’s what you need to know about student accommodation in Leicester. What are the different types? Many first year students will be offered places in Halls of Residence for their first taste of uni life, but there are also plenty of other options out there that can be just as good. There’s privately owned student accommodation which is linked to the university and privately rented properties available in popular student areas which can make a great base. Just bear in mind that the secret to getting the best student accommodation is to get in there and reserve it as soon as you can, because the best properties always get snapped up first. What can you afford? Different types of student accommodation often involve different costs, for example, living in halls can be much cheaper than renting your own flat and rental prices can vary tremendously, depending on the part of the country that you are going to university in. So, as part of your University 2018 checklist, the first thing to do is work out the kind of accommodation that you can afford within your budget. What sort of contract will you have? Contracts for university owned halls are normally around 40 weeks long, as you aren’t expected to pay over the summer months, whereas, with a private landlord, you may be expected to pay for a longer term. Once you know how long you will need to pay rent for, then you can work out how much it is likely to cost in total for the year. Often rent takes up the biggest percentage of a student loan and there can be quite a difference in the figures when you look at the overall cost. In addition to halls, when you’re looking...

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The Lowdown on Student Loans

By Westmanor Student Living on 31st May 2018

Since tuition fees were trebled in 2012, it might have been easy to be put off going to university. Again, even more so, with the news that living loans didn’t increase in line with the cost of living last year. Many parents and students believed that universities were no longer a viable option for everyone and scary headlines claimed of graduates being saddled with many thousands of pounds worth of debt to carry around with them for the rest of their lives. Well, the good news is, it’s a massive myth, unless you’re earning top whack, in which case you should be able to pay it back. Up until earlier this year, any graduates on less than £21,000 had to pay back nothing at all. The even better news is, now, thanks to a rise in this threshold last month, English and Welsh students who took out loans from September 2012 onwards will only start to pay them back when they earn £25,000 a year. After that interest is charged at 9% on the amount earnt over the threshold. So essentially, the amount of student loan that you take out does not relate to the amount you pay back – this is decided on the amount you earn, once you get a job after university. Unlike traditional loans, which often have a deadline, repayments are all dependant on how much you get out of your education – and how great the job you get is, as a result – all part of the government’s aim to get more people into higher education.   Student loans disappear after 30 years Any worries about moving into the retirement years still struggling with thousands of pounds of debt can also be blown out of the water. That’s because, you stop owing the money back, either once it’s all paid off, or once 30 years has passed. And if you don’t earn over £25,000 during that time, you never have to pay it off at all. According to research by the Money Saving Expert website, using their Student Finance Calculator, most people, apart from those who are paid a vast amount will not,...

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