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Going clubbing? Here’s our list of dos and don’ts

By admin on 30th September 2017

Leicester has an absolutely awesome club scene – as you’ve probably gathered if you’ve just hit your first year at De Montfort University or Leicester University. From the Student Union bars to the loud and vibrant nightlife at venues such as Club Republic, Mosh, Venom and Ghost, they’ve all got some great nights out just waiting for you to enjoy. But, after all the excitement of Freshers’ Week has died down and you’re left without an itinerary of where to go and what to do next – and you’re still to make a solid group of friends like most people at this point in their first year – you might be wondering where’s good to go and what’s best to do. If clubbing is quite new to you and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by just how massive the party scene is here in Leicester, check out a few of our handy hints and tips on dos and don’ts when out clubbing – all designed to help get you through the night safely and in one piece! Some must dos when clubbing in Leicester Go in a group, because there’s always safety in numbers. Make sure someone knows where you are. Sort out your transport before it comes to the end of the night, as there’s nothing worse than waiting in a queue at a taxi rank! And make sure you have the money for a cab home! Keep essential information on you, such as bus times etc.. Pace yourself on the drinks. Perhaps consider having a glass of water in between to ensure you enjoy the whole night and don’t spend half of it with your head down the loo! Keep an eye on your drink at all times to make sure it isn’t spiked. Have a hefty glass of water before your head hits the pillow at the end of the night – it’ll help ward off the banging head in the morning, we promise! Make the most of it – you’re only young once, so enjoy! Some clubbing definitely don’ts! Get so drunk that you don’t know what you’re doing. Go anywhere that could be unsafe,...

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The Freshest Tips for Freshers Week in Leicester

By admin on 31st August 2017

The long summer holiday is drawing to an end, but if you’re starting university this year, all is not lost, because it means that Freshers’ Week is just around the corner! We know for most it will be their first time, so here’s the freshest tips for freshers week in Leicester! Freshers’ Week is well known the world over for being a fabulously fun and exciting week of events, parties, socialising and other activities that go on over the first few days at the beginning of the academic year. It offers new university students the chance to meet friends and discover more about all the different things there are to see and do at the place they’re going to be calling home for the next three years. Freshers Week For the two Leicester universities their Freshers’ Week is no exception, because the event organisers at Leicester University and De Montfort University certainly know how to put on a good time! The Leicester University Freshers fun begins on September 24 and for the students of De Montfort University it all kicks off on September 25 – you can find out more details on their Facebook pages. If Freshers’ Week Leicester is coming up for you then you might be wondering where to start with all the wide range of stuff that is going on. As such we have put together the freshest tips for Freshers’ Week in Leicester to help get you started. Our Freshest Tips Plan ahead – take a look at all the things that are going on and decide which appeals most to you. Don’t be overwhelmed and feel like you need to go to everything. It can be an expensive week, so save up in advance. Only sign up for the clubs and societies that you really are interested in, or it could get costly. Don’t overdo it on the boozing – after all, this is a time to remember, so make sure you can! Get your bearings – take every opportunity to discover more about Leicester if it’s a city which is new to you. Try your best not to be shy. This is a...

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New Students To DMU And UOL, We’re Here For You!

By admin on 27th July 2017

Are you starting university in Leicester this autumn? Still stuck for a place to stay? Then you’ll be pleased to know that new students to DMU and UOL we’re here for you, with some Leicester accommodation that you’re going to love! We are so excited about some of the new housing developments that have been going up for students in Leicester this year. There are just so many modern and luxurious apartments and houses to choose from, ranging from the smaller studio flat, right up to Leicester student accommodation to suit groups of 8 or more. The fabulous thing about renting a place that is completely new, is not only the gorgeousness of your surroundings, but money wise you’ll be saving, because there’s no forking out for rent over the summer. Check out the likes of Zone 8-10 West Walk, if you’re looking for a place all on your own. Or, groups of friends and those who want the chance to meet others might want to discover the brand spanking new 2, 3 & 4 bedroom student housing at Millstone Place – available from the end of the summer. The best things about studio flats! If you’re searching for student accommodation in Leicester that is just for you, then this is one of the best things about renting studio flats. They come in cheaper because they’re smaller and there’s no feeling like you’re rattling around in a space that’s too big for you. For singles or couples wanting a place to call their very own, five more benefits of renting a studio flat include the following: Guaranteed privacy. A space where your own rules and standards will always be applied. Everything is within easy reach – there’s never too far to go for something you need. You can make it cosy and comfortable. It’s a chance to afford to stay in a great location, thanks to the cheaper rent. If you want something bigger… If there’s a group of you looking for somewhere to stay, then this again can be cheaper, because you’ll get the chance to share the rent between you. You’ll also know that there will always...

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How To Pick The Perfect Apartment

By admin on 30th June 2017

When looking for the best Apartments For Students, have a think about what matters to you. Take a look at the following list and put in order of priority what is the most or least important to you. Then you can use it as a guide on how to pick the perfect apartment. Location – is it an exciting/ safe/ peaceful area to live in – what kind of area are you looking for? Décor – are you hoping to have beautiful surroundings and excellent décor? There is some fantastic new student accommodation that has popped up in Leicester for next term. Added extras – as well as a great apartment, are you looking for all the mod cons, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, flat screen TV etc? Close proximity – to lectures, the best local night spots and eateries, or to public transport links – what is most important to you? Access to public transport – can you get to where you need to be on foot, or is there a good bus route nearby? Cost – what is your budget? Once the rent is paid, will you have money left over for food, bills, going out etc. Security – is there CCTV or an onsite security team, secure bike storage etc? Flatmates – are you happy to share, do you have friends already that you want to share with, or would you prefer to go it alone? What To Do This Summer In Leicester There is some great stuff going on in Leicester over the next couple of months, from the Leicester Vintage Festival this June, to a sumptuous street food night at the LBC Depot towards the end of July and August, which welcomes some of the UK’s top street food traders. That’s, of course, not to mention all of the great bars and restaurants which come into their own in the summer months and make for some great places to meet friends and watch the world go by. if you haven’t yet booked accommodation for 2017-2018, Westmanor have spaces available at the following properties: Hub student 8-10 West Walk – BRAND NEW FOR SEPTEMBER...

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Student Accommodation in Leicester 2017

By admin on 15th May 2017

For many first-time students, heading off to university is a great first stab at some independence. And, whether you choose to live in halls, or private rented accommodation, making the right decision on where to stay can have a massive impact on your first year. If you’re on the hunt for student accommodation in Leicester 2017, then the biggest favour you can do yourself is to get in good and early so that you have plenty of places to choose from. And as summer fast approaches, it’s a good idea to get your skates on because now is the time to start looking! Traditionally student accommodation has received a bit of bad press in the past, but thankfully that’s all ancient history. With some amazing new builds popping up in the last few years, Leicester accommodation has arguably never been better for students! We can’t wait to show next year’s students around some of the jaw dropping new accommodation that is brand spanking new for September 2017. Works of art springs to mind when you see some of the accommodation, not to mention the fact that there’s no summer rent to pay either! Check out the likes of Abode, London Road, 3A Welford Place and The Student Hideout – the décor and facilities in these are absolutely out of this world! Starting university in September? So, if you’re starting university in September, what should you be looking for in the perfect accommodation? Good location – close to or on campus, so you don’t have to travel far for work and play Facilities you’ll need for study – such as Wi-Fi, desk to work on, and free internet connection Energy and water costs included in the rent The opportunity to meet and make friends – why not consider sharing? Excellent standard of décor Laundry facilities Easy access to public transport Ensuite bathrooms CCTV for added security Access to communal amenities, such as a gym, cinema room or games room Now, we’re not saying that every great place will have all the above, but they should have most of them and it makes a fabulous wish list too! Choosing the best...

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